Activities and Events in the surroundings


The Island of Elba offers many possibilities of leisure and pleasure for tourists linked not only to the beauty of the place and the uncontaminated sea, but also to the fabulous mountain landscapes, characteristic villages and monuments that take you back to the discovery of the history of Elba.


Our residences are located in the south-eastern part of the island in the municipality of Capoliveri, a village of Etruscan-Roman origin, which can be easily reached by car or with the shuttle service active in the summer months (the stops are just a few steps from the residences).

During the summer evenings, among the narrow streets of the village, which dissolve among the characteristic historical houses painted in bright colors, a colorful market comes to life where you can also find the typical products of the area

Particularly rich is Elba's food and wine that, thanks to its particular geological composition, gives unique and high quality products that can be found on the tables of local restaurants.

For the most refined palates, in the territory of the municipality of Capoliveri it is possible to visit several wineries and taste the fruits of the centuries-old wine tradition of the village, which finds its highest expression on the first weekend of October in the Grape Festival where, as a prize, a statue representing the god Bacchus is awarded to one of the participating districts.

Mount Calamita

But Capoliveri is not only famous for its food and good wine: Mount Calamita, the real protagonist of the southwest part of the island, offers uncontaminated landscapes between the green flora of the Mediterranean maquis and the cobalt blue sky kissing the crystalline blue sea on the horizon.

Here there are countless paths where you can practice trekking, mountain bike excursions or even participate in horseback riding.
For the more adventurous there is the possibility to visit the old mines of the Ginevro and Vallone that start from the slopes of the Mount and end in underground tunnels that reach below sea level.

Beaches of Capoliveri

For those who want to live and enjoy the sea, the beaches of Capoliveri (including Morcone and Pareti) offer the opportunity to snorkel or dive in countless specialized centers, you can enjoy the waves and the wind by sailing and wind-surfing or simply rent boats, inflatables, pedal boats and canoes to discover all the hidden corners of the coast.

Tennis and Golf

There are also tennis courts and golf courses on the island. The most prestigious among these is certainly the Elba Golf Club Acquabona, the first structure of its kind to be built on an Italian island. The club is one of the structures that have an agreement with our Residences, by consulting the section "conventions" you will find the complete list.


The events and festivals that take place throughout the year on the Island of Elba are numerous and varied, ranging from festivals and folk fairs to fascinating sporting events. In particular, in the town of Capoliveri are very popular 4 events:


This prestigious mountain bike race takes place in May, and is also valid as a stage of the world championship of the category. The route winds through the most inaccessible trails of the Capoliveri Bike Park on Mount Calamita. Our Residences have an agreement with the Capoliveri Legend Cup, and we had the honor to host some of these extraordinary champions who fight to be the best in the world.


This historical re-enactment is held every year on the evening of July 14. A torchlight procession starts from the historic center of Capoliveri until reaching the Innamorata beach (next to Pareti) where a historical re-enactment in sixteenth century costumes ends with the dive into the sea of a young woman to reach her beloved who has found death after a battle. At the end of the reenactment, the party continues on the beach where dancing and music follow one another until dawn.


Every second weekend in September, this car competition is held, very much felt by fans all over Italy. For 3 days the quiet and silence of the island are overwhelmed by the roar of the engines of these vintage cars that compete on the roads of the island. Among the various tests, particularly impressive is the time challenge that starts from Piazza Matteotti in the historic center of Capoliveri and then negotiates among the impervious streets of Mount Calamita.


This event takes place every year on the first weekend of October and is, without any doubt, the most characteristic and felt by all the inhabitants of the capital city. During the three days of celebration, where the grape harvest, the tastes and traditions of the village are celebrated, the four historic districts compete in games, competitions and historical re-enactments to compete for the Statue of Bacchus. The preparation of this event involves all the inhabitants, from grandparents to children, and it is precisely this, together with the sacrifice and the work of several months to design scenery and costumes, the secret of the success of this festival.

For more information on these and other events that take place all over the Island of Elba, we suggest you consult the portal at the following link

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